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How to create a wallet

You will need one or more wallets in different payment systems.
Wallets are needed for you to deposit funds for investment and also for withdrawing your earnings.
First you have to determine which payment systems you would want to use.
That is why we recommend that you first find out which electronic payment systems we accept before choosing those you like.

We recommend some options on how to create a wallet in any of the payment systems listed below.
As for cryptocurrency wallets, you can use the links provided below or you can create a wallet using alternative services.
Please note!
Funds Broker provides links to cryptocurrency sites for informational and advisory purposes only.
We do not claim to have an exclusive opinion on this issue. You can always use information from any other alternative sources, if you deem it necessary.

Wallet top-up

To top up your wallet, use the appropriate exchange service.
Or a cryptocurrency exchange.
Please note!
Before using the services of any exchange service or cryptocurrency exchange, always check their reputation via independent alternative sources of information, reviews on forums and specialized social networking sites in order to avoid misunderstanding, waste of time and loss of money.

Getting an email for your Funds Broker account

To ensure a smooth interactive activity between you and Funds Broker, it is best you create a mail client.
With Gmail accounts, you are guaranteed to receive important messages from us in the proper manner.
Maximum stability and reliability are needed in everything. And email is an important component of any interactive communication with us.
Please note!
All issues related to the security of the email that you intend to use for your Funds Broker account are your sole responsibility.
We are not responsible for the security or integrity of your email. In addition, we are not responsible for any losses that may occur (but will not necessarily occur) if, for any reason, you lose access to your email account.

Creating an account

It's important to know:

If you haven’t signed up with us, you will not be able to invest with us or use our affiliate solutions.
However, signing up on the Funds Broker's website is purely voluntary. In doing so, you first accept the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Agreement, and provide us with your personal information.
Create your personal account by clicking the "Sign Up" button at

Immediately after that, you will see a Form that you will need to fill out:
Enter your email address in the "Email address" field.
Below you will see two fields (Username and Password), where you’re required to enter very important information – your username and password – needed to access your Funds Broker personal account.
In the "Username"" field, enter any username of your choice. Only English letters and numbers are allowed.
In the "Password" field, enter any password of your choice. It must be at least 8 characters long. The password must contain characters and numbers. Note that the password is case sensitive.
Below you will see two fields, where you’re required to enter very important information needed to reset your login details.
In the "Secret Question" field, enter any secret question of your choice. Make sure that the question is in English.
In the "Secret answer" field, enter a secret answer to your secret question, also in English.
And below you will see fields, where you are required to enter information about your e-wallets. You can fill them out at once, or later, after you’ve signed up on our site. It is not compulsory to fill out all the options offered by the system. You only need to enter details about those wallets with which you intend to invest in our company.
In the "Your Bitcoin wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format 18cDmCHVA183DSqcRzcYfYLRgtxcEctrgT;
In the "Your Bitcoin Cash wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format 1DVLRzcYfY187icDASqtxcEctrgTcRmCHg;
In the "Your Litecoin wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format L3fY18cDA SqtxTcRmcEctrgCHg7VLRzcY;
In the "Your Dash wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format XXiY18cDtDVLRzcYfxcEcRmCtASqrgTcHg;
In the "Your Ethereum wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format 0x8920bf7f01ED13B23A3b2A69De6D1085AB2c43e7;
In the "Your Doge wallet" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format D1gjofe45lFDFsd2254f PFfdsdgo5sgfL;
In the "Your Tether TRC20 USDT Account" field, enter your e-wallet number in the format TYourTetherTRC20AddressmwbeKmGQV1X5ddeh77.

Make sure that the information you enter in any field is accurate.
Because, unlike, for example, payment data, which you can always change yourself, your secret question and secret answer cannot be changed after completing your registration. This also includes your email address, which you can only change via our Customer Support.

The last step before your Funds Broker account is created is to accept the "Agreement" and click the "Sign Up" button.


Once you have created an account, created a wallet and funded it, you start earning money with the unique tools provided to you.
In your case, your passive earning process starts, and you will not need to keep track of your activated investment or perform other actions aimed at increasing your invested amount.
All this will be taken care of by us.

You only need to take the following actions:

Log in to your Funds Broker account using your username and password.
Click the "Make a deposit" button in your account.
A list of investment plans will appear. Study them and after you have decided on which one to choose, press the corresponding "Select" button.
Choose the electronic payment system you will use for depositing funds and enter your deposit amount.
Then press the "Make a deposit" button.
Check the investment order as generated by the system.
If you need to make changes, click the "Cancel" button.

If everything is correct, follow the instructions on the Deposit Confirmation page.
You have activated your investment and from this moment, you will start earning passive income online.

Passive income online

Apart from making an investment, there is one more thing that you will have to do yourself in order to receive your earnings from the investment you made with Funds Broker.
To receive your earnings, you will have to make a payout request.

To make a payout request, you need to take the following steps:

Log in to your Funds Broker account using your username and password.
Choose the payment system you used to make investment and for which the system credited your account balance.
Make sure the amount available on your account balance is not less than the payout amount you’re requesting.

If everything is correct, confirm your payout request.
If the payout request is successfully processed, money will be paid into your wallet no later than the timeframe set by Funds Broker.
Please note!
There are some investment plans for which you cannot withdraw your earnings at any time. Therefore, when selecting an investment plan, you should immediately pay attention to the terms and conditions of that particular investment plan.
If the investment plan you have chosen provides for daily earnings, those earnings will be paid into your account after every 24 hours on business day, starting from the moment the investment become active.

Active income online

Active income in Funds Broker features an array of technologies that focus on you creating your own affiliate downline.
At the same time, we offer you advanced tools, such as Affiliate Program and Representative Program.
In fact, your active income is not limited in any way by external circumstances or by any other conditions and rules.
All that your active income depends on is your entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring new active customers to us.
Use all options to work with potential referrals and build your own affiliate downline as large as possible.

To start earning actively, you need to take the following steps:

Log in to your Funds Broker account using your username and password.
Click on the "Referral Link" button.

Make your referral link available to as many people as possible.
Use social networking sites and modern messengers for this purpose.
Use all possible Internet platforms, where this kind of activity is allowed.
Build your own downline and offer all your friends and acquaintances to sign up with Funds Broker using your referral link.
Get your rewards from our Affiliate Program and Representative Program for each investment made by your referrals.
Never rest on your laurels.
Be proactive and help your referrals.

This is the right path to your own prosperity and well-being, which you can start on as soon as you sign up with Funds Broker. If there are any opportunities to earn big money the honest way, this is probably one of the most attractive and reliable among them!

Well, why are you wasting time?
Go through the registration faster.

Get an account or Log In if you are already have.