By signing up and/or using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the following agreement:
This agreement ("Agreement") sets forth and describes the comprehensive terms and conditions under which Funds Broker (FNDSBROKER AI INNOVATIVE LTD), company number 14825814, company address: 48 Warwick Street, London, England, W1B 5AW (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") offers you ("you", "User") to use and access the Company's website ("Website") under the terms and conditions of the Agreement and in full confidentiality. Please read this Agreement carefully and do not use the Website unless you accept it.


The User agrees and acknowledges that he/she accepts the fact that he/she uses the Website at his/her own discretion, voluntarily and on his/her own initiative.
The Company shall not be responsible for compliance with applicable and/or possibly applicable local and national laws of the User's country of residence, as well as with international laws.
Legal information contained in these Terms and Conditions is dominant and cannot be changed on the basis of applying local and national laws of the User's country of residence, as well as of international laws.

Principal provisions

This Agreement has been drawn up in full compliance with the norms of international law and codes of business conduct.
Any person who has reached the age of 18 is allowed to register and invest in the Company.
Any eligible person who intends to cooperate/collaborate with the Company and become a customer of Funds Broker must first sign up on the Website.
By signing up with Funds Broker, you acknowledge all the clauses in this Agreement, and you accept that this Agreement may be amended in the future, which you will also need to agree to by continuing to use the Website.
The User signing up on the Website and using the Website automatically confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepts all of the following terms and conditions of the Agreement;
The User acknowledges that any commercial or non-commercial activities performed by the User on the Website or resulting from the User’s use of the Website, which have led or may lead to certain losses, will not be considered by the User as the Company's fault;
The User acknowledges that the information provided by the User when signing up on the Website, as well as any information that may be required by the Company after signing up, is up-to-date and correct;
The User acknowledges his/her willingness and consent to comply with all applicable laws of the User’s country of residence, including by informing the relevant supervisory authorities of the results of the User’s cooperation/collaboration with the Company, should the need arise.
In addition to the foregoing, the User accepts and agrees that the Company may refuse, without explanation and without further discussion, to register certain individuals if they are found to be residents of jurisdictions that do not meet international AML (money laundering) policy standards or may be considered to be subject to certain pressures and/or third-party influences.
Apart from that, the User accepts and agrees that the Company may check any Client and their transactions at any time for suspicious activity or (but not limited to) money laundering using the Website.
And in addition, the User accepts and agrees that any attempt to misuse the Company's services or its Website or failure to comply with this Agreement, or to ignore other conditions that may arise in the course of interaction between the User and the Company, may result in immediate suspension of the User’s personal account by the Company.
This Agreement governs and regulates all relationship between the Company and the User (hereinafter jointly referred to as "Parties" and individually as "Party") in terms of providing certain services that allow the User to invest online through the Website and earn a predetermined profit within the framework and conditions fully described in this Agreement and in the Website sections directly related to trust management services, payment acceptance and processing, financial transactions through the Company’s intermediary.
The Website is intended for informational purposes only.
The User shall participate in the Company's investment programs on his/her own, relying solely on his/her experience and voluntary decisions.

The Company does not give advice on the following issues:

Tax issues;
Financial issues;
Issues relating to any activities on trading markets and/or exchanges;
Issues about provision of opinions and advice on the benefits of using a particular investment method.

Interaction Procedure

The Company and the Website are the platform and the basis on which services are provided to Users.
In turn, registered users (Users) can benefit from the use of the Company's services by investing in accordance with the Company's investment plans or by participating in the Company's Affiliate Program or Representative Program.

Risk Statement

Cryptocurrency mining, exchange and cryptocurrency trading are medium-risk investment businesses. But only if they are done by experts with sufficient experience and training. So do not engage in this kind of investment on your own. We are not responsible for any consequences of such actions.
Any information that constitutes a forecast or opinion, which is available on the Website is only one of alternative opinions and shall not be interpreted by the User as an axiom or direct call to action. The Company does not warrant any opinions, promises and/or forecasts or other information presented on the Website.
The Company is not responsible for the risks of possible loss of funds suffered by the User due to malfunction of any payment systems used by the User to invest in Funds Broker, as well as due to failure of power supply and network equipment, including failures in Internet connections and signal transmission lines.
Any information presented on the Website shall be perceived as current only at the time of publication.
Any information presented on the Website shall be perceived as art, which is nothing more than artistic design of the Website.
Any funds transferred by the User to the Company for the purpose of investing shall be regarded solely as a free donation to the Company.
All funds transferred by the User to the Company shall become the Company's property. The Company has no obligations to the User. The User is aware of this and unconditionally agrees to it by accepting this Agreement.
The Company does not guarantee that the information presented on the Website is accurate, complete or absolutely reliable.
All content on the Website may be subject to modification without prior notice.
We take every reasonable effort to provide each User with access to the Website. However, the Company reserves the right to occasionally suspend operation of the Website at its sole discretion for maintenance, updates and other necessary adjustments.


The Website uses cookies to enable us collect information about the User, his/her preferences and most used sections of the Website during each visit.
Cookies are used in certain areas of the Website to provide functionality and usability of the Website as a whole.
Some of our affiliates may also use cookies.

Copyright Notice

The Website content is protected by copyright. Except for cases that shall be agreed separately, the User may copy information for his/her own non-commercial personal use but may not republish or reproduce any part of the Website content without the Company's prior permission.

Republishing and reproduction includes any uploads or access to information from the Website via the Internet. The User is obliged to acknowledge the source (original source) whenever material on the Website is copied or published.

Procedure for using the Company's Services

Each User, without restrictions, may request any additional information concerning the Company's work and interaction between the Parties from the Company's Customer Support. Use the "Contact Us" section for this purpose.
To avoid negative consequences, the User is obliged to be civil, patient and tolerant when communicating with the Company's Customer Support and request appropriate information associated with interaction between the Parties.

Disclaimer Notice. Exceptions and Limitations

Information on this Website is provided on an "as is" basis.
To the fullest extent permitted by UK law and by the Company's laws, we provide the following main exceptions with respect to interactions between the Parties:
The Company is not obliged to provide investment, tax, legal and insurance services. Any information posted on the Website shall not be taken as a direct call for action.
Funds Broker shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any damage, drawdown or loss that may arise due to misinterpretation of Website contents or due to any other similar reasons.
Please read this Agreement carefully before making a deposit and participating in an investment and partnership with Funds Broker. Funds Broker cannot be held liable for activities that are beyond its control.
Before making any investment, the User is obliged to review the investment plans on the Website fully and independently and understand and accept all his possible obligations under the plans fully. By making an investment, the User acknowledges that he/she is aware of all obligations and possible consequences of his/her actions under this Agreement.
The foregoing provisions and limitations may and will apply only to the extent not prohibited by UK law. None of the User's legal rights as a consumer will be affected.

Dispute Resolution

If any disputes between the Parties arise and there is no appropriate provision in this Agreement that can resolve such disputes, the situation shall be resolved only by means of internal negotiations between the Parties without third-party involvement.
The User may not contest the provisions of this Agreement in courts of law.
The User may not suggest any other interpretation and meaning of any clause in this Agreement that is different from the authentic one.
Where any provision of this Agreement is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitral authority to be unenforceable in certain jurisdictions, such provision shall be held to be unenforceable in such jurisdictions.


The Company may refuse to provide services to the User if the User uses technologies that publicly defame the honor and dignity of the Company and its other users, takes deliberate actions aimed at causing damage to the Company's property and the Website, and deliberately or unintentionally disseminates information that could damage the reputation of the Company and its other users.
The Company may refuse to provide services to the User if the User uses spam technologies, malware, viruses and other unwanted software, as well as uses, for commercial purposes, any content and/or other materials that constitute the Company's exclusive intellectual property.
The Company may refuse to provide services to the User if the User fails to provide his/her personal data, or provides incomplete or distorted personal data, or provides misleading information.
The User may create several accounts using the same IP address and/or the same device.

1. Investing. Payouts. Amplify option

1.1 The User accepts and agrees with the following rules regulating financial interaction between the Parties with respect to the Company's investment plans:
An investment created by the User and whose maturity period has not elapsed is considered an "Active Investment".
An Active Investment cannot be withdrawn prematurely by the User.
1.2 Earnings from an Active Investment are paid into the User's Funds Broker account balance in USD as a base unit.
1.3 Earnings from an Active Investment are paid out in the currency of the electronic payment system used by the User when the Active Investment was made.
1.4 The User accepts and agrees that an investment plan cannot be changed after the Active Investment has been made.
1.5 The User accepts and agrees that any referral reward that is due to the User shall be paid to the User only in the currency that was used by the User’s referral to make investment.
1.6 The Company acknowledges that the User can create more than one personal account using the same device or the same IP address.
1.7 This Agreement provides for the fact that the User has independently and fully studied and taken note of the information concerning, among other things, the Amplify option.
The Amplify option is an integral part of some of the Company's investment plans. It involves automatically reinvesting one’s earnings by successively adding them up to one’s initial principal deposit amount.
The User acknowledges that he/she understands the meaning and purpose of the Amplify option. The User acknowledges that some investment plans come with this Amplify option by default and some may have an Amplify option with a 100% fixed value.
1.8 The User acknowledges and accepts that for an investment plan that comes with an Amplify option of 100% fixed value, the principal deposit amount and earnings can be withdrawn only upon maturity of such investment.
1.9 The User agrees that all information on the Website is presented for artistic purposes only, it should be regarded primarily as art (as the artistic design of the website and can only be considered as part of the artistic design of Website and should in no way be used as a guide, or a call for any action, including investment.
1.10 The User acknowledges and agrees that when making a deposit, all funds deposited to the Company's account using the Website or any other method shall be considered exclusively as a voluntary non-refundable and irrevocable donation to the Company. All funds deposited into the Company's account shall instantly become the Company's property, and the Company shall have the full right to dispose of them at its discretion, including the full right to refuse the User any further payouts, at any time, at its own discretion and without giving any reason.
1.11 The User agrees that one or more investment plans may be temporarily restricted for investment. This is due to the fact that at that particular moment, the total amount of investments under those investment plans has reached a certain level, and our Finance Department is processing the current volume. At the same time, all investments made under such plans before the restriction came into effect will continue to operate as usual without being affected. Once the Finance Department is done processing the invested funds, the plans will be re-opened for investment again.

2. Affiliate Program. Representative Program

2.1 The Company allows Users to take advantage of its Representative Program and Affiliate Program regardless of the User's investment status.
2.2 The Company reserves the right to make changes both to the Affiliate Program and to the Representative Program at any time without prior discussion or notification to the User.
2.3 Each referral reward is automatically credited to the User's Funds Broker account once the User's referral makes investment with the Company.
2.4 Any User, regardless of his/her own investment status, can become a Representative by filling out the corresponding Application Form on the Company's Website.
2.5 The User can use the funds in his/her Funds Broker account for investment.

3. Amendments to the Agreement

3.1 The Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement without obtaining the User's consent.
The User shall occasionally visit this section and check it for updates and changes.
3.2 By continuing to use the Website after updates and/or amendments to this Agreement had been made, the User agrees to accept them, even if the User has not been made aware of these changes and/or updates

4. Termination of cooperation between the Parties

4.1 In case of a proven fact of non-fulfillment, arbitrary interpretation or non-compliance with this Agreement by the User, any of which entailed negative consequences for the Company or other users, the Company may terminate any kind of cooperation existing between it and the User.
At the same time, even the absence of negative consequences due to non-compliance with this Agreement cannot be a valid reason when considering the decision to terminate cooperation.
Termination of cooperation comes from the moment the Company notifies the User of such termination via the e-mail address associated with the User’s account.
4.2 The Company does not provide for full or partial compensation for the User in case of lost funds resulting from non-compliance with this Agreement, or in any other cases that may entail such consequences.
4.3 This Agreement shall be implemented by both Parties irrespective of the interpretation any clause in this Agreement may have received from third parties who are not the users.
4.4 The Parties agree and acknowledge that this Agreement is accepted by the Parties voluntarily and it is equivalent in terms of responsibility for the Parties.
Parties under this Agreement shall comply with the International Law.

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