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Click on the "Sign Up" button. Then follow the instructions that would be displayed.

You can register as many personal accounts as you want.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Tether TRC20 USDT.

Funds Broker has been operating since 2015. We have built our experience and reputation by delivering flawlessly secure and profitable deals, and are always striving to improve our services.

You are only a few steps away from making your earnings. The steps are always the same for everyone:
Sign up and register an account, log into your account using the username and password you created when you registered.
Then go to "Make a deposit", choose an investment plan you like, click "Select", and then click "Make a deposit". Enter the amount and choose the payment method you intend to use for this investment.
Then follow the system's prompts.
Check the "Training" section to learn more about how to start investing.

Go to the "Training" section to read about how to create a wallet, how to deposit funds online, and how to start investing.

In cryptocurrency transactions, after sending funds, it takes some time for the transaction to gain the required number of confirmations in the Blockchain network. Immediately after the transaction collects from 6 to 19 confirmations, your deposit will be credited to your account automatically.

The speed of blockchain confirmation for a particular cryptocurrency is beyond our influence.

It depends on the plan that was chosen. Each investment plan has its own peculiarities. Check the Make Deposit page for a description of each plan.

Funds Broker offers passive online income.
This means that after you have activated your deposit (investment), your income-generating activities are over. Then our business mechanisms start to work, generating profits for all our customers.
You will only have to occasionally log into your own account and create payout requests.
Please note that when using investment plans that have the Amplify option by default, or investment plans where you have activated the Amplify option yourself, your earnings will be automatically added to your principal deposit amount. In case you have invested under plans where the Amplify option is disabled, you can withdraw your earnings at any time, since for such plans, your earnings are immediately added to your account balance and can be withdrawn by you without any restrictions.

The minimum amount you can invest is $30.
There is no maximum amount to be invested. However, amounts exceeding $2,000,000.00 should be discussed with our Finance Department in advance.

It depends on the payment method you use.
Bitcoin: $50
Litecoin: $25
Ethereum: $25
DOGE: $25
Tether TRC20: $5

Your earnings will be credited in the currency you used to invest.
Please note that when using cryptocurrency funds, your investment will be converted into USD at the weighted average online rate at the time the deposit was created and activated. Moreover, your earnings will be paid into your Funds Broker account in USD. And when you make a payout request that the funds are converted into the cryptocurrency that you used for investing, at a rate existing at the time the payout request was created.

From 1 minute to 72 hours.

Because the investment process is a balanced system of financial flows, we cannot suspend or withdraw part of the finances from the system before they have served their purpose.

Yes. Simply create a new deposit using the funds available in your account balance.

No, it is not allowed to add extra amount to your already active investment (principal amount).
If you want to expand your investment portfolio by increasing the investment amount, then simply make another deposit under the same investment plan.
However, in case you still want to significantly increase your earnings from your already active investment, it is possible in some cases, provided that the Amplify feature is applied.

Amplify is a process whereby your earnings are channeled back into the system as an additional investment. This process can be compared to permanent reinvestment. Reinvestment is done cyclically, until a complete shutdown or until the full expiration of the investment plan. In this case, your earnings are automatically added back to your principal deposit amount, thus increasing both your investment and your total earnings.
Amplify can be applied in several ways.
When you use Amplify at 100%, it means that 100% of your earnings from your investment will be added back to the principal deposit.
When you use Amplify partially, it means that only a certain percentage of your earnings will be added back to the principal deposit, and the remaining part will be paid into your account balance and can be withdrawn at any time.
Let's look at an example of how it works in practice.
Let's say $100 is your daily earnings.
If you activate Amplify at 100%, your principal amount will increase by $100 every day. The next day, your next earnings will now be based on your newly increased (increased by $100) principal amount, and so on every day.
If Amplify is set at 25%, for example, then the next day, your principal amount will increase by $25.
$25 is 25% of $100, your total daily earnings.
The remaining $75 will be added to your account balance and can be withdrawn by you at any time.
Moreover, the next day your total earnings will not be based on the original principal amount but on the newly increased principal amount (increased by $25), and so on every day.

No, you can't withdraw funds to a payment system different from the one you used to make that investment.
The same rule applies to affiliate bonuses and rewards. Your referral fees are paid into your Funds Broker account balance in the currency used by your referral to make that deposit.
The only exception is that you can exchange Perfect Money for Tether USDT TRC20, which you can do in your account, on the Currency Exchange page.

Any investment-related transactions are final.
Once you have activated your deposit, you can't cancel it.
Therefore, please choose your investment plan carefully before activating your deposit to avoid misunderstandings.

When you registered your Funds Broker account, you agreed to the terms and conditions and accepted our Agreement, which states that a personal account cannot be deleted after creation.

At the moment, Funds Broker processes all transactions without any additional fees for its customers.

To reset your login details, please follow this link: https://funds-broker.com/?a=forgot_password.

In order to process your payout requests properly, we will need your current payout details.
You can specify the details not only when you're signing up on our website, but also after you’ve created your account.

Yes, you can. If you want to change your payout information, go to "Settings" and change it.
You’ll be sent a Pin code to the email address associated with your Funds Broker account. You will need to enter this Pin code correctly when editing your data after which your payment details will be updated successfully.
You can use the same method to change your account password.

Yes, but you can't do this on your own. Please, address this request to our Customer Support.

No, you don’t have to! You can earn full affiliate rewards and bonus without any restrictions, and you do NOT have to make a deposit yourself.

Any registered user can become a Funds Broker Representative.
All you have to do is fill out the application form on our website.

If you registered your account through a referral link, you can't change your referrer.
However, you can always create another account by registering it under another referrer.

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Go through the registration faster.

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